Research shows that education not only helps individuals to escape poverty by developing the skills they need to improve their livelihoods, but also generates productivity gains that fuel economic growth.

Skills are the keyway in which education reduces poverty. 


The RGLF will use its funds to make available and provide mentoring, scholarships, bursaries, tuition and/or awards, as well as other forms of financial support.

The aim is to assist historically disadvantaged and impoverished learners in SA, who want to become chartered accountants, to pursue their higher education wishes and to successfully transition into the work environment.


RGLF aims to make a contribution to transformation in the accounting profession. Judging by the lack of black chartered accountants on the boards of listed companies, as well as at executive level, there is a scarcity of black leaders in senior positions in business.

The foundation focuses strongly on nurturing future business leaders by equipping them with solid technical and emotional skills to succeed within their chosen career parts after they have qualified.