Mentoring and coaching young people is a long-term process, which is why the RGLF has entered into a long-term, ten-year relationship with its candidates.

The first four years of our mentoring and coaching programmes provide additional academic and other support during the candidate’s undergraduate studies at university. Our programmes are generally two-fold:
• Some focus on the technical subject matter (accounting, auditing, tax etc.) by providing technical support, which will enable our candidates to become excellent accountants, auditors and tax practitioners.
• Other programmes are geared toward achieving solid business leadership skills by focusing on mentoring and coaching, which are key building blocks in achieving strong leadership in business and other walks of life.

An additional year will focus on ensuring that candidates successfully complete their Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting.

The following three years are crucial for the candidate’s personal development as we prepare them to adjust and settle into the work environment, also known as ‘articles’ or ‘internship’. This journey reaches its peak when candidates prepare to write their Final Qualifying Exam.

Many newly-qualified chartered accountants do not know what careers to choose and which direction to follow simply because there are so many different opportunities available. These include public and private sector positions, as well as the possibility of remaining in the auditing profession. The final year is therefore a year of refinement to prepare the candidates for the post article
period – particularly from a career guidance and selection point of view. Newly qualified chartered accountants are likely to receive many job offers, and it is therefore essential to point out the importance of becoming a specialist in a chosen field, rather than job hopping.

Our network
The RGLF has a powerful network of diverse professionals, business leaders and many highly qualified people from a wide variety of disciplines, which assist with our mentoring and coaching programmes. The trustees of the RGLF are not only leaders and high achievers but, more importantly, have built meaningful relationships with people who have distinguished themselves
in government and in the private sector. The trustees support the aims of the foundation by giving back some of their knowledge and skills through workshops and coaching sessions.

Paying forward
The main aim of the RGLF goes far beyond providing assistance and being a catalyst for the development of suitably qualified black chartered accountants and business leaders. The ultimate aim is to instill within each candidate the desire to return to their communities and launch similar initiatives such as the RGLF through their own leadership foundations. The RGLF would like to create a legacy by creating a ‘gearing effect of excellence’ as it develops people who themselves aim to further uplift and develop the lives of others.